WHC On-Site Monitoring Policy and Procedures November 2018

Project Monitoring Committee is tasked by the Executive Board of the Continuum of Care to ensure grant recipients are administering Federal Grants effectively, develop quality standards for projects approved by the Continuum of Care, and ensure that grant recipients are compliant with Wyoming Homeless Collaborative(WHC) standards. Grant recipients are required to provide data on the compliance and project quality of funded projects.

The Wyoming Homeless Collaborative Monitoring Committee members, to include a representative from the Wyoming State Homeless Program, shall make an annual visit to CoC funded projects. In order to avoid conflicts of interest, any committee member conducting the visit shall not be a staff member of any agency participating in the project.

A WHC Monitoring Committee member will contact the grant recipients to schedule an on-site monitoring visit and confirm the monitoring visit in a written confirmation letter. ( Appendix A-1) which will include a copy of the WHC Program Monitoring Checklist (Appendix A-2) and the Monitoring Visit Summary(Appendix A-3).

On-site monitoring visits will be coordinated, when possible, for programs that receive both CoC Program and Emergency Solution Grant (ESG) funds.
On-Site monitoring visits may consist of the following activities/components:

  1. Tour facility/units. Site/unit visits are conducted to evaluate the physical adequacy of the housing based on program type.
  2. Review and discuss most recent Annual Performance Report(APR) and HUD monitoring results, goals and progress.
  3. Review random sample of program files: Comprehensive file review will be completed on no less than two files, with other files reviewed if necessary, based on findings. Review results of client satisfaction survey and/or conduct client interviews.
  4. Identify technical assistance needs.

A written summary of the visit will be provided to the grantee within 45 calendar days that includes a PASS/FAIL monitoring compliance notification, findings or audit concerns.
The grantee will have 30 calendar days to respond, in writing, to the on-site monitoring compliance notification letter.

If, based on project performance and the grantee’s written explanation, the Monitoring Committee has no further response or performance recommendations, the Monitoring Visit Summary and the grantee’s written response(s) will be presented to the WHC Board on an informational basis.

If, based on project performance and the grantee’s written explanation, the Monitoring Committee has continued performance concerns; the Monitoring Committee will draft recommendations to address identified concerns. Timelines for corrections and follow-up visits are anticipated to be sixty (60) days or less, but will be defined on a case-by-case basis in the approved recommendations. Correspondence will be approved by the WHC Board. The process of follow-up visits, summaries, and reports to the WHC Board will follow the same the process as the initial Monitoring Visit. However, follow-up visits will specifically address grantee’s fulfillment of the recommendations of the WHC Board and Monitoring Committee. In addition to an annual Site Visit, the Monitoring Committee or a representative from WHC, may conduct desk monitoring reviews of program audits, drawdown requests, APRs and other documentation as necessary for the prioritization process and response to the NOFA.