2018 CoC Competion Information

Wyoming Homeless Collaborative Ranking and Selection Process for the FY 2018 Continuum of Care Competition. 

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2018  NOFA Consolidated Application (Completed)

2018 CoC Consolidated Application

2018 CoC Competition Priority Listing

Ranking Tool Results

2018 NOFA Competition Information

The 2018 NOFA has been released and the Wyoming Homeless Collaborative is ready to accept application for new and renewal projects.  Please read the following APPLICATION ANNOUNCEMENT in detail as the application process has changes for this years competition.  This year we are asking for Letters of Interest as the first step in this process.   Also, please read the timeline as posted.  If you have any questions please contact Karla McClaren at (307) 721-1973 or karla.mcclaren@wyo.gov.

Application Announcement & LOI (1)

2018 NOFA Competition Timeline

New Project Rating Tool and New Applicant Questionnaire

Renewal Rating Tool and Renewal Applicant Questionnaire

HMIS Rating Tool and HMIS Applicant Questionnaire

Ranking Tool