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Coordinated Entry Request for Quote

The Wyoming Homeless Collaborative is looking to hire a consultant to refine development of and implement a Coordinated Entry system. The WHC seeks to use this opportunity to implement systems change in the way homeless services are provided in the state of Wyoming. The engagement of an outside consultant will assist with this transition. If interested please refer to the following RFQ document.
RFQ  for Coordinated Entry /Wyoming Homeless Collaborative
Questions and answers that have been submitted:
1.  Is there a maximum budget for the project, or is there a budget range?
There is no set amount from the resource we are receiving from out funding source.  
2.   Is there any expectation that work may continue beyond the initial 12-month period? If so, will a separate RFQ be issued, or will the contractor selected through the current RFQ be given an opportunity to extend services for another project period, if work performance is satisfactory?
The expectation is work will continue beyond the 12 month period and or as needed.  If the contractor selected is satisfactory and completing the required tasks, they will be given the opportunity to extend services out!!  It is the WHC expectation we would keep the contractor as long as needed and the funding was available. 
3.  One of the specific ESG grant reporting action items is to “Change the CES leadership from the HMIS System Administration to 211 or other consultant.” Can you provide more details about the reasoning for this specific recommendation? Does this recommendation preclude the current HMIS Lead from proposing a coordinated entry consulting role separate from the HMIS System Administrator project role/duties?
The reason for the change was ICA was not contracted to be the lead for CE. I believe Bobbie was doing it as a courtesy as she had the data and knew more about CE than other providers.  She got Wyoming started.  
If ICA was the selected contractor and assigned Bobbie to the task that would be more than acceptable.  There is no problem her doing CE and HMIS.  
4.  What level of CoC or other staff/administrative resources, if any, will be available to support the project?
The CoC providers that receive funding must cooperate in CE and participate in meeting and development of the system.  The CoC board is in support of this project, but assistance would depend on availability.